Posted by: Allie Ulrich | September 10, 2009

# 24- clue in the old album

clue in the old album

as i’m exploring the world as the fat friend, i thought it would be interesting to do a thorough documentation of bess marvin’s life in the same regard. i remember the first few nancy drews i read as an adult, i felt so sorry for her and how every mention of her in the storyline seemed to be food or weight related. fearless, athletic, tomboyish, and let’s face it clearly lesbian george fayne is always nancy’s second in command- running down purse snatchers and using her karate moves to thwart the enemy. bess on the other hand is timid and foolish and almost always dragging things down with her appetite for excessive consumption. every now and again she’ll have a good idea or two, but in general it seems like they keep her around for the same reason so many other thin women court huskier friends- to make themselves look better by comparison.

my first exploration found 5 fat/food related passages:

book #24- the clue in the old album (1977 revised edition)

pg 29- “Attractive and slightly plump, Bess was as feminine as George Fayne, her cousin, was tomboyish.”

pg 119- “Bess decided to go along, nevertheless, and up to the time they reached Winchester, she was very gay, chatting about a new restaurant she had found in River Heights, to the detriment of her figure.”

pg 130- “At one o’clock she met the cousins at the new restaurant Bess had recommended. ‘Let’s walk to Taylor’s from here,’ Bess suggested after they finished a hearty meal. ‘I feel ten pounds heavier.'”

pg 150- “‘While we’re waiting for him, we may as well find a place to eat,’ Bess said impatiently. ‘I’m starved””

pg 152- “Bess spoke up. ‘You’ll probably be hours on the phone, Nancy. Suppose George and I get sandwiches and bring them back to the car.'”

poor bess. so desperate. so hungry. so obvious.

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