Posted by: Allie Ulrich | September 16, 2009

#10- password to larkspur lane

larkspur lanei think that the earlier books give bess a little more credit for being competent than the later ones.  although she appeared steadily throughout most of this book, the food/fat comments were kept to a minimum, and she actually drove the getaway car (in full nurse costume no less) carrying the kidnapped old lady away from the evil sanatorium. nice work bess! too bad you’re still fat, and are about to get ripped to shreds in my next effort- the scarlet slipper mystery (hopefully tomorrow).

book #10- password to larkspur lane (1966)

pg 74- “Bess was blond, pretty, and somewhat plump.”

pg 75- “Bess gave a great sigh. ‘I don’t know which is harder: to keep on a diet or keep in a secret.'”

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