Posted by: Allie Ulrich | September 24, 2009

#17- mystery of the brass bound trunk

brass boundthis one was kind of amazing. not so much that the jewel smuggling plot was that great (can we have a mystery that doesn’t involve stolen jewels for once?), but there was a couple of super weird romantic points (forbidden love on the high seas)(ned nickerson gets some competition?). confusing! just when you think that treldy and henry have found a true connection- he goes and marries doris! and that’s supposed to be sensible? even though she disguised herself as a man just to get away from him? on the downside, there were A LOT of hardcore racist stereotypes in the form of bumbling servants that are continuously fouling up the mystery and being referred to as stupid. at least bess gets a little reprieve for being the mystery wrecker.  i’ll forgive you nancy because it was 1940. but still, yikes.

but down to the point, relatively low key on the bess hatin’, and for the first time in recent memory, she was not described as plump!:

#17 mystery of the brass bound trunk

pg 74- “How about a little breakfast?” suggested Ned hopefully. “A little would hardly satisfy me,” Bess laughed.

pg 135- One day Bess admitted to Nancy she had sampled many unusual delicacies between meals after the boat had stopped at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It was not long after this call that the girl had a severe case of seasickness. “I guess I was too eager to taste everything,” she groaned to George…

pg 156- “Oh, dear” she sighed, “I’ve eaten too much again.  I’ll never get thin in this country with its rich foods.”

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