Posted by: Allie Ulrich | October 6, 2009

cardio fatsuit.

FatSuit2i stepped on the scale the other day (first thing in the morning, empty tank), and saw 166. i haven’t weighed myself since. my dreams of this weight just peeling off after i stopped the meds are over. the reality has arrived, brought a fruitcake, and settled in for the night. i feel like i’m wearing someone else’s body. a smothering fat suit that doesn’t have a zipper. the time has come to STOP FUCKING AROUND. 

i thought a lot about what my next 30 days would be like, and i decided that i would choose a series of actions designed to reduce my food intake, without actually having to count the calories. 

1. no calories past 9 pm (unless you haven’t eaten dinner yet).

2. no second helpings (but your first helping can be as big as you want).

3. no liquids with calories (unless they are alcoholic, and then only 2).

30 days. starting today. 

on a semi related note, one of my favorite people (and also my yoga instructor) and i had a funny conversation once about the weight loss power of being overweight. when you watch all those biggest loser programs, they always lose 15+ pounds a week, because they’re just so heavy, that every activity (no matter how minimal) burns more calories than if it had been done by a normal size person. i try to imagine my life now as if i’m walking around with a 30 lb. backpack on all the time… anyway, my million dollar idea is a low impact workout dvd that you would do wearing a specially weighted fat suit. you could do half the work and burn twice the calories. cardio fatsuit. it’s brilliant, i promise.


  1. where did u get that fat suit? I want one!

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