Posted by: Allie Ulrich | October 7, 2009

#25- the ghost of blackwood hall

blackwood halloh bess. up to your old tricks again. sure, the regular fatty comments (as detailed below), but what really bothered me about this one was that bess was so easily sucked into the seance culture.  she’s so dumb, and gets even slower with every book. by book #56, i half expect her to try to sell nancy some amway.

pg 19- George, her dark hair cut into a short bob, was deeply tanned. By contrast, her plump cousin Bess was hardly sunburned.

pg 24- “Let’s quit,” urged Bess.  “I’m starved. Suppose we go to one of those famous places and get some oysters baked with garlic, and Creole shirimp, and-”

“And take on five pounds,” scoffed George, looking with disfavor at Bess’s generous weight.

pg 167- “No sense in going there until we’ve had lunch,” remarked Bess.  “It’s after one o’clock now, and I’m faint from hunger.”

wow george, shut your damn face. bess may be fat, but at least she’s not a humorless bitch. “disfavor” is such a harsh word!!

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