Posted by: Allie Ulrich | October 13, 2009

empty wallet, tight pants.

pad thaii’m really stressed out right now. the burlesque looms large, and i have several graphic design projects and a somewhat over-full social life.  oh, and the worst allergies ever. so, i feel sorry for myself, and i eat. i try to make my life easier by not cooking and buying food instead. and i eat. so now i have 2 things to feel bad about. i’m eating too much, AND i’m spending all the money i saved at the grocery store from my couponing racket on take out food.

yesterday,$13 worth of sushi for lunch, $8 of pad thai for dinner, and today another $8 on grilled cheese and minestrone for lunch. i wonder how much money i’m paying to gain weight? it’s time for me to stop fucking around.

on the up side, i have been sticking to my no eating after 9 & no seconds policy really well. i haven’t weighed myself in a week, and i’m chock full of premenstrual bloat right now, so i’m waiting until next week to jump back on the scale. however, kristina says i look skinnier, and she’s a lawyer- so i’m pretty sure that means she’s right.

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