Posted by: Allie Ulrich | November 1, 2010

#26- the clue of the leaning chimney

nancy drew cover #26again with the verbal abuse! it’s not a fat comment, but there’s a point in the story when bess doesn’t want to go back to a location where a potentially dangerous art fraud and kidnapping ring is hiding out, and george says: “Oh, don’t be a ninny”. and somehow that gets bess to not only cave in and go back with them, BUT TO BORROW HER MOTHER’S CAR TO TRANSPORT THEM THERE. really bess, why are you even friends with these guys? they’re just using you. although in their defense, you are constantly fucking things up.

pg 1- The pretty, somewhat plump girl shivered slightly.

pg 66- Oh, I’m so tired- and hungry.

pg 114- Her plump friend and George were putting gold balls on the lawn.


  1. Personally, although I read every Nancy Drew I could get my hands on, I always considered Nancy an insufferable twit.

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