Posted by: Allie Ulrich | March 16, 2011

dairy free day 2: still afraid of fake milk.

well, day 2 has come and gone, and i still haven’t cracked into my almond milk. pretty sad. i feel like i should send a formal letter of apology to the silk company for not being able to bring myself to ingest their product. it’s just so thick and viscous, and i have an innate fear of thick and viscous fluids.

it’s ridiculous really. i’ve had some very questionable cooking, and at one point accidentally ingested spoiled milk. my dad used to make me take a spoonful of cod liver oil ever sunday. I KNOW WHAT GROSS IS. yet my fear of what the almond milk might be like is paralyzing me!

tomorrow, i bite the bullet. no matter how vile it may be (and i’m positive that i’ve had grosser), i will have a small bowl of cereal with almond milk. or perhaps a glass of dark chocolate almond milk. it’s gonna be fine.

as for the experiment as a whole, so far i’ve not noticed any major difference in health or general well being. i’m certainly not eating any less calories. and frankly, all the lentil soup i’ve been eating is making me a little gassy.

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