Posted by: Allie Ulrich | March 21, 2011


oops. so yesterday, i fell off the dairy wagon- hard.

it started with a trip to the best breakfast in portland at hot suppa.  more specifically, the very best dish on their menu, fried green tomatoes eggs benedict (pictured, half eaten at left). just for the record, i didn’t get anything else milk based (no cheese! no cream!) other than the hollandaise and the butter i put on my grits…

and then, we went to aurora for cookies.

and then i hit the blue spoon for crimini mushroom stew with fried polenta and herbed ricotta.

and for a minute, i felt like it wasn’t “that bad”. like the quality of the food somehow made it ok that i didn’t last more than 5 days dairy free. and of course i would jump right back on the wagon on sunday.

but then i came home from my show with a pint of the new ben & jerry’s late night snack ice cream (chocolate covered potato chips!) and a bag of doritos. DORITOS?


and then of course i went out for breakfast AGAIN (this time at local 188) today, and smothered myself in cream cheese. actually, i just finished the ice cream.

but despite my weekend full of flagrant failures, i hit the trader joe’s tonight, and bought myself a sack full of happy produce, and ABSOLUTELY NO CHEESE. i even bought some almond breeze (as I have been promised up and down that it is not jizz-like at all).

i’m going to plow through the rest of the week as best i can without falling prey to the wiles of dairy, but i’m definitely feeling like i’m not ready to go vegan for keeps quite yet. perhaps if i continue to seek adequate replacements, eventually i will be ready to cut the dairy cord. i suppose i should really make the determination at the end of the trial period, but the view from this intermission suggests that butter and i are not yet prepared to part.


  1. Hot Suppa and Local 188 in one weekend? These are the benefits of living in Portland!

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