Posted by: Allie Ulrich | September 29, 2009

fat boy.

fatboyalthough i haven’t really gained any more weight in the last few weeks (holding strong at 164ish), i don’t think i’ve ever felt fatter in my life. i’ve been doing a reasonable job laying off the self deprecating comments, and that is doing a little for my morale, but it all gets undone every time i look in the mirror or try to put on a pair of pants that used to fit. blobby blobby blobby.

even though i’m trying to rock this party without (or with minimal) calorie counting, i do think that i need to start making changes to minimize my food intake. although i’m also concerned that the SSRI might have flipped the off switch on my thryroid again (i’m occasionally hypothyroid), and that i’ll be needing to add another pill to my repertoire. hopefully i can check on that at my women’s health exam next month. good times.

but back to food minimizing… here are some things that i’m thinking about:

1. don’t buy processed junkfood for 30 days (including beverages). high quality cakes, cookies, pastries… all ok. just no more hostess cupcakes, cheez doodles, or easy mac.

2. stop eating & drinking calories after 9 pm. obviously, water & tea would be ok. i’m a night eater, so this could be a reasonable place to start.

3. give up cheese. yikes. i don’t entirely like to think about this one… but it is one of my greatest dietary foibles.

i suppose a poll would be in order if anyone actually read this, but for now, i’ll just think on it for a while.

going to fat boy’s tonight- probably for the last time of the season. usually, i get a chocolate frappe, french fries with cheese sauce, and a grilled cheese. tonight, i’m going to swap out the cheese fries for onion rings, but i’ll still probably get the frappe. i do believe that calories are worth it if the food is exceptional… and most definitely if it can’t be had year-round.

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