Posted by: Allie Ulrich | September 25, 2009

fatty tatties.

at what point am i going to realize that i’m never going to lose weight until i start paying more attention to what i cram in my cram hole? 164.5 and holding.  those ritz crackerfuls were a MISTAKE, even if they were free.  same for the 8 pack of fun size baby ruths.  free is a relative term. yes, i didn’t have to pay for them. but no, they are not free of calories, or fat, or guilt… and they are certainly not leaving any free space in my pants. junkfood, though cheap and often delicious… NOT WORTH IT! when will i learn?

i’ll never get thin in this country with all it’s rich foods! seriously, this is united fucking states of fatty tatties, and the majority of the commercially available food in grocery stores is not that good for you. sorry bess, i can’t really blame it on geography. i just need to get my shit together and stop it with the garbage food, or get happy being fat.

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