Posted by: Allie Ulrich | September 22, 2009

#32- the scarlet slipper mystery

The_Scarlet_Slipper_Mysteryouch. who knew nancy was such a tactless bitch? i’m surprised that bess didn’t break down and punch someone in their holier-than-thou cake-hole. her weight always gets mentioned, but this episode is particularly grisly.

#32- the scarlet slipper mystery (1954)

pg 2- “George’s pretty cousin Bess, on the other hand, was plump, and worried continuously about her figure.”

pg 3- “Bess giggled. ‘I’ve lost 2 pounds. There’s a wonderful new dancing school in town Nancy.  All kinds of classes.  I’ve joined on in reducing.’ George sniffed. ‘Yes, Bess takes it off dancing and puts it all back on by eating.'”

pg 94- “As a younger group came in, Bess whispered that she was simply famished. ‘Nancy,’ she said, ‘be a darling and keep talking to those girls while I run out for a soda.’ ‘But how about the calorie count?’ Nancy reminded the plump girl with a laugh. ‘Oh, just one soda won’t make any difference,’ Bess insisted. ”

pg 118- “The next morning, she and George came to Nancy’s house, and after Bess had eaten a second breakfast, the three girls set off in the convertible.”

pg 136- “Nancy and George felt as fresh as ever, but poor Bess was panting, and insisted upon resting a few minutes.”

SECOND BREAKFAST! how is that even remotely pertinent to the story line?!! seriously though, if anyone ever tried to remind me how many calories were in my food, i would give them 5 across the eyes. i expected more from you nancy!  i might be heavier than you, but under no circumstance are you remind me of that, or  (god forbid), suggest that i do something about it. bess is always the punching bag, the dead weight, the comic relief.  now that i’m the fat one, is that my role?  is that a role that even needs to be filled? jupiter jones from the 3 investigators (my all time favorite juvenile mystery series- sorry nancy) is chunky and slow, and kind of pompous, but completely fearless, and smart as hell… and his two sidekicks (pete and bob) are equally helpful and useful and worthwhile.  why in girl-world does nancy have to be completely perfect, and poor bess have to be the so obviously not?



    This is a brilliant blog. When I grew up reading these books it never struck me exactly how crude the stories are when it comes to Bess’ weight. Now I’m older and I think it sucks!

    Thank you for making me think 🙂

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